A Garage Needs The Gift Of Organisation

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I am forever going into my garage and clambering out again in an exasperated fashion because it’s so crowded now with all the things I don’t actually use or need now, I can’t find the things I do need.  Since spring last year, when I was persuaded to let go of my battered old shed from the sunniest corner of the garden, I’ve had to put everything that went in it into my garage.  My ideal gift for home and garden would definitely be one of those neat racks for the hundred and one tools and implements.  And possibly a useful wardrobe sized cabinet for plant pots and assorted carrying trays that ‘might just come in useful’.

Apart from the gardening stuff, I own masses of unused camping equipment from years ago when we used to take off for the Isle of Wight for 3 weeks of glorious relaxed camping.  Hmmm. Make that two cabinets!