Floral Gift Ideas For That Grande Dame Approval

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Whilst visiting a heritage property some miles away, I was just beginning to flag, in need of that all important cup of tea and a rest for the poor old legs.  Looking around the tiny visitor centre – actually a smartened up garden shed, I chanced upon a battered sign pointing to Teas / Toilets / Shop . . . . .  It was amazing, the number of gorgeous gifts – aimed, it could  be said, more towards the ladies in one’s life.   I didn’t have a need at that time to avail myself of many of the beautiful items, but talking to the volunteer behind the till, I managed to illicit the name of the web site from where all these fab items has been supplied.

So if anyone out there – and I’m thinking chaps needing that special present for the VIM or VIGM (very important mother or grand mother . . ) who loves gardening and all things florally based.  Get browsing !