Not Quite Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice


I have a relative who had a baby late last year.  We knew last year that baby was going to be a girl and much joy and celebration heralded the little princess’s arrival.  All those fantastically cute and itsy bitsy lacy and flouncy cardigans and dresses were going to be the order of the day.

Not a bit of it.  Eight months down the line the youngest member of our female line has quite definite ideas about what is her kind of clothing and what isn’t!  Rompers and a tough T shirt are the constant choice.   Yikes, Panic.  If no little girlie things are required, what sort of presents can doting uncle get for each birthday and Christmas.  Salvation came when browsing this site that offers absolutely every unusual giftware idea and theme for adults, little girls and their pesky little brothers.  It is a miracle site for me these days and I am never left wanting.