The Gift Of Giving Sometimes Needs A Helping Hand

Chocolate cake gift

The problem that occuping the brain currently is what on earth to get a very very senior relative – so senior she’s seen Christmas at least 93 times and a similar number of birthdays.  It is an energy sapping occupation trying to think of anything at all that hasn’t already been bought, with the greatest of love and respect, only to be discovered, often still wrapped, in one of the lower drawers of the bedroom chest.  There each new gift resides in isolated splendour until the next clebration and the gift from that day is carefully added to the stock.

In sheer frustration the other year, I used a gift ideas site and it was so helpful – I used the filter systems to select age, gender, hobbies etc. and a fantastic set of ideas came issuing forth.  The items had really been considered well too for the recipients age.  It takes expertise to get these things right.