Trick Or Treating Replaces Penny for the Guy


There are times in any year when there are more celebratory dates than others – and this period leading up to Christmas is just such a time.  There are neices and nephews with birthdays in each month, two wedding anniversaries and then at the very end of October, Halloween.  This never used to feature a great deal for us when I was a nipper.  We were of the ‘penny for the guy’ brigade.  Dad would ressurrect the old barrow made years before from two orange boxes and the wheels off a pushchair long abandoned, on would go our Guy dressed in Dad’s old cast offs, much to his distress sometimes, and we would knock on doors to get pennies for our fireworks.    These days we have armies of youngsters coming around on 31 October Tick Or Treating.   I have to remember to get in the treats by the bag load.  I can’t bear to offer tricks, it’s not in my nature!